It All Started As A Joke Though.

Well, not really. I’ve tried auditioning for radio before. Twice, actually. And both times it was a no-go. I told an Aunt of mine while we were driving to Laguna while on vacation about how one time I was asleep when I got a phone call, four years or so ago. And who still made phone calls then? Groggily I answered it, and not realizing it was already the station manager making an initial interview, voice thick with sleep, I slurred through the conversation. So I failed it.

I told my aunt about that as a joke. But surprisingly she got mad. Like, really mad. Her face got red and her normally gentle voice went up. She was like, “Why are you laughing? Is it funny, to be a failure? You’re a talented young man and you have so much to accomplish, but you’re squandering all your talent away by being unprepared, by taking everything so lightly. You’re never gonna succeed with that attitude. When are you gonna start shaping up?”

That struck me. It stung, but it worked. When I got back from that vacation, I applied again. And this time, I got into Monster Radio.

It was rough. It’s always rough. The first thing I realized was that even though you form a small celebrity, radio work is far from glamorous. But in the end it’s all about public service. You have a responsibility to your listeners, some of whom have become good friends of mine, to give them factual, timely, and entertaining information. Yours could be the only friendly voice they hear all day. And when somebody texts in and says, “Hey, thanks for making me happy, even for just a few seconds,” that’s the ultimate payoff.

Jonathan Kevin Lim

© Jonathan Kevin Lim-Monster Radio DJ

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