The Quarter Life Dilemma.

Hitting the age 25 makes you both an adult and uhmm, no, you’re a total adult now. It’s a transition that you have to accept. You are now expected to be somewhere, something or someone the least. After graduating from college and worked for few years you should’ve been something more of that someone 5 years ago. Maturity in life, in your profession and even with relationships are forced haha, NO, I mean expected. See? Expectations.




During this time we are not the neophytes we were in our jobs. We’re the mid career professionals who’s putting on so much effort to add color and value to our resumes, hopefully for a possible promotion. You wanted to go out  and experience  life. YOLO (You Only Live Once) as they say. Go somewhere far to experience, to live, to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to share a part of yourself to others.  To make lasting relationships and start something that helps and inspires your community and the world. You are in between dreams and reality. You have so many things in mind, overflowing ideas to act on and so much potential to deliver. But reality strikes and it strikes hard. You are in the 4 walls of the office. Donning the same 8am-5pm shift having your usual report making, boss’ unlimited demands and thousands of errands to do 5-6 times a week. Bills to pay, family to support, emotional roller coasters to deal with and so many other things that you have consider. It’s also this time that everything seems to move, to change and get lost. You’re stressed with your job while your friends are constantly out partying and hitting the latest tourist spots happily posted on Facebook and Instagram. Pictures of a happy couple or newly wed friends, acquaintances and classmates on high school, add the ones who are preggy and/or having their own family and kids bannered all over social media. Include some of your self esteem issues. Yep, all of these trigger the pressure button to explode big time. It’s hard to be an adult at least to act one.


Lebron Quotes


But going back all of these were just expectations set by the society, a harsh reality that most people embrace. At the end of the day we create our own stories, our own lives. This definition of adulthood will always be relative to each and everyone. We want to have a life. But the only definition of life is “breath”. And yes as long as are breathing, you have a life, you just have to make the best out of it. And once again, create a life of your own definition. Not dictated by others, not based on others and not for others. Create a life that means to you. A life that  constantly takes your breath away.


George Bernard Shaw



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